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Steely DaneOver 20 of Madison and Dane County's best musicians and singers pay ever so reverent tribute to Steely Dan. All the hits and deep cuts too.
In early 2010, Madison, Wisconsin-based keyboard aces Dave Adler and Dave Stoler had an idea: assemble some of Dane County’s finest rock/jazz musicians and singers to perform an evening of Steely Dan music. They had no problem getting the 20+ musicians and singers to clear their schedules and get on board. The musical collective known as Steely Dane was born.
After a few months of rehearsal, these yacht rockin’ mercenaries hit the stage in the fall of 2010. The fan response was been amazing, and with each show the crowds continue to grow. They’ve gone from selling out large clubs to packing large theaters. It seems both fans and performers love this ever so reverent tribute to the musical genius of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. Steely Dane lives to make tonight, or even an afternoon a wonderful thing. Check out our YouTube channel for a preview,
Dave Adler – keyboards, vocals Dave Stoler - keyboards 
Joey B. Banks -drums, Biff Blumfumgagnge - vocals
Michael Brenneis – drums, Steve Burke – vocals, guitar 
James "Pie" Cowan - percussion, David Davenport - bass 
Jim Doherty - trumpet, Al Falaschi - sax
Kyle Henderson* - vocals, Vince Jesse - guitar 
Freedy Johnston* - vocals, Clay Konnor - sax 
Courtney Larsen - trombone, Phil Lyons - bass 
Alison Margaret - vocals, Jay Moran – vocals, guitar
Megan Moran - vocals, Gordon Ranney - bass 
Andy Wallman - vocals, Michael Walls – vocals, percussion
*when available